Sunday, December 16, 2012

Satin & Oak by Xavier Edwards

Gerome and Sara lived in a small village. They both had small jobs, just enough to pay the bills. It was Christmas time and they had no money to spare between them.

They couldn’t afford the luxury of a Christmas tree, let alone buying each other gifts. Gerome was good with his hands and went off to his small wooden shed to make a special gift for Sara. He knew she loved his wooden handiworks. He would surprise her on Christmas day with a sexy gift that she could use in the bedroom.

Sara on the other hand was more interested in decorating their small stone built house. She decided that they would decorate themselves up for Christmas day rather than beautifying up their home. The only thing she had was red and green ribbon, a set of Christmas lights and a little tinsel. Gerome had told her that all he wanted for Christmas was her. He would have her as the decoration to celebrate Christmas and his gift.

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A sweet "times are hard" Christmas story. It is rather confusing, however, particularly in terms of trying to get a fix on the time period it takes place in. The couple that lives in a cottage by the woods in a small village that serves the lord of the manor, he a carpenter in the lord's employ, and she working at seamstress and midwifing jobs as needed has a very historical, dark ages or medieval feel to it, but then there are mentions of lights, and children that have grown and moved away, and tickets so they can travel, all of which sounds a lot more modern. So I'm confused as to whether this is meant to be a historical or a contemporary, though for the most part it reads like a historical with a few anachronisms thrown in.

The story itself is a relatively standard one of a couple giving homemade gifts to one another on Christmas because they can't afford to buy each other anything. This standard storyline is given a unique, erotic twist however when you find out that the woman uses a bit of ribbon she has on hand to "wrap" herself like a present for her husband, and his present to her is a special hand carved wooden toy that coordinates quite well with her present to him.

For a quick read, this one isn't bad, though it does lack a bit on the heat meter. Still, if you're looking for a quick, late night Christmas themed read, this one will help set the mood for you. It likely will go well with a glass of eggnog or mulled cider or wine, depending on your preferences.

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