Saturday, December 15, 2012

Phantom Lovers by Marie Medina

Lyndsay never believed in ghosts and always nodded indulgently when the old timers in the theater tried to convince her otherwise. But two sexy ghosts have been watching her, and waiting. When they appear to her, she hesitates despite the desire that immediately burns in her veins. At first she wonders how she can trust the two mysterious men, but soon she convinces herself how foolish it would be to resist them. Yet even as she indulges in all the pleasures they offer her, she doesn’t confess her true feelings. She never imagined giving her heart to more than one man in the first place, so how can she give it to two men who aren’t even alive?

Be Warned: menage sex (MMF), anal sex, m/m sex.

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A surprisingly sweet short story that's also smoking hot and unexpectedly developed. Despite the short length, the characters aren't flat stereotypes but have definite personalities of their own, something that is always pleasant to find. We learn the essential parts of John and William's backstory, but not much of Lyndsay's, though that doesn't seem to matter much as there is the sense that her life has been fairly ordinary up until now. From their first encounters it is easy to feel the heat between these three, and when the guys finally reveal themselves to her it quickly becomes electric. I'd expected them to start having sex almost right away after they revealed themselves, but surprisingly it doesn't. Instead, the guy's introduce themselves, kiss her rather thoroughly, but then back off to give her time to get to know them, only gradually easing into a physical relationship. After that, whether it's just John and William together or all three of them, the action is so hot you can almost see steam coming from the screen. Definitely a recommended quick read for anyone that likes menage erotica or paranormal erotica.

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