Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Immortal Desire by Sirena Van Schaik

Monsters are real, and they stand before me pretending to be human...

Caught in a world of vampires, dark desires and addiction, Angela Cross has walked on the edge of the surreal and found herself in a struggle for her own heart. Drawn to two dangerous men, Angela must make the choice between a life with vampires or a life against them. Will she succumb to the immortal's desire...or will she become the hunter?

A strange and rather disturbing story. The prose has a very gothic feel to it, though the setting is contemporary and nothing is overtly goth about any of the characters. Angela's confusion as she finds herself torn by her attraction to two different men is palpable, as is her frequent near hysteria when she thinks about what she's doing and allowing to be done to her. It's hard to feel sorry for her exactly, since she walks into everything with her eyes open, knowing what she's getting into, or at least mostly knowing. Still, there's the sense that she didn't really know, and that she's very quickly in over her head without even realizing it, and even by the end of the story she still hasn't found her way out of the labyrinth, she's merely gotten sucked deeper into it, though not in the same way she got sucked in to begin with. My rating on this would really be about 2½ stars I think, for I'm not certain I can entirely say I liked it, but I also didn't dislike it. Those who enjoy dark, confusing, and somewhat disturbing stories might like this one.

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