Sunday, July 28, 2013

Forever Freed by Laura Kaye

A heart can break, even one that no longer beats.

I stalk my new neighbors, a single mother and her child, drawn by the irresistible scent of their joy and love. I crave their blood, starved for some healing respite from my ancient grief. Now to lure them into my grasp.

But they surprise me. Little Olivia accepts me without fear or reservation--talking, smiling, offering innocent affection that tugs at my long-lost humanity. Her mother, Samantha, seeks me out when she should stay away, offering sweet friendship, and calling to the forgotten man within me. They lure me instead.

Ah, Dio, Lucien, run and spare them while you can...

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I found this book to be very slow starting, and thus hard to get into. Through most of the first half things were moving along, not much was happening but the writing was engaging enough to keep me reading, though not always enough to hold my attention. I even put it down for a few months at around 35% or so because it just wasn't doing it for me and there were other things I was anxious to read. I have really enjoyed all of Laura Kaye's other books that I've read, and several people whose opinion I trust seemed to really love this book, so I eventually gave it another chance and made myself finish it. And really, until about the halfway point, or a little past it, I was having to make myself continue with it because it was just...dull. Not bad, just dull. Then finally at a little past the halfway point, something big finally happens, and from there on out the book became quite a page turner.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Obsession by Sofia Grey

Josh Delaney is the ideal honey trap. His charm and model good looks would be enough for most women, but coupled with his psychic ability to read their thoughts, he’s impossible to resist. Suspicious husbands employ him to test their wives, to see if they can be tempted to stray.

High profile couple Suki and Gabe Bridgewater have the perfect marriage, or at least, that’s the image they portray to the world. Behind closed doors, Gabe’s dominance in the marriage is unravelling and he decides to test Suki, using Josh as bait.

For Josh it should be just another easy job, but two things go horribly wrong.

One, Josh falls in love with Suki.

And two, Gabe refuses to let her go.

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A phenomenal book that easily ranks as one of the best I've read this year. Amazing to think that this was the product of a relatively new author as well, for she manages to weave together the threads of several very complicated relationships via three different first person POVs and does it in a way that is so skillful that many more seasoned authors could stand to take notes from her I think. The subject matter isn't easy, and some of the behaviors, especially Gabe's, will have you wanting to scream with outrage or wishing you could reach into the book to smack the everloving crap out of him.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Succubus Dreams by Richelle Mead

Some days, a girl just can't catch a break...especially when the girl in question is Georgina Kincaid, a shape-shifting succubus who gets her energy from seducing men.

First there's her relationship with gorgeous best-selling writer Seth Mortensen, which is unsatisfying on a number of levels. It's not just that they can't have sex, in case Georgina inadvertently kills him (generally a turn-off for most guys). Lately, even spending time together is a challenge. Seth's obsessed with finishing his latest novel, and Georgina's under demonic orders to mentor the new (and surprisingly inept) succubus on the block.

Then there are the dreams. Someone, or something, is preying on Georgina at night, draining her energy and supplying eerie visions of her future. Georgina seeks answers from Dante, a dream interpreter with ties to the underworld, but his flirtatious charm only leaves her more confused - especially as the situation with Seth reaches a crisis point.

Now Georgina faces a double challenge: rein in her out-of-control love life, and go toe-to-toe with an enemy capable of wreaking serious havoc among mankind. Otherwise, Georgina, and the entire mortal world, may never sleep easy again.

Spend some more time with succubus Georgina Kincaid...if you dare.

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After coasting through most of Succubus on Top with all of its world and character building, this book starts to pick up the pace storywise again. That's not to say that there's no development here, for there is plenty of it, it's just that the stakes have been raised once more, and real danger threatens Georgina again. How she deals with that danger and the personal temptations and yearnings it awakes in her, along with how she handles the various crises that are erupting in her life is a heartwrenching tale. By the time it's all over, nothing will be the same again, and it's unclear as yet whether this is a good thing or a bad one.