Saturday, October 20, 2012

Xombie: Volume One by Brody Sommers

XOMBIE Volume OneXOMBIE Volume One by Brody Sommers
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An interesting take on zombies, with a bit of kink thrown in to add spice. Of course, when you're talking zombies in an erotic short story, how could there not be a bit of kink involved? These aren't the typical horror movie half-rotted corpse type zombie though, or at least the one (two?) we see aren't. Their exact nature is never fully explained aside from a general description of how they came to be and some hints that the physical symptoms/manifestions of the infection vary depending on several factors. A great many of them are apparently not much different from normal people aside from odd grey eyes and some interesting temperature extremes in their bodies. The temperature difference between surface skin and extremities being ice cold to the core of the body being feverishly hot become significant in the main sex scene of the book and makes for some pretty smoking hot sex. The author really does a good job of making you imagine how the temperature difference would feel when...involved...with a xombie.

Aside from the sex, the story is intriguing and well written, though not enough information is given to know what sort of situation the narrator is getting himself into really with the new job offer from his friend Mitch. We're given constant reassurances that the guy trusts Mitch implicitly and doesn't believe he'd trick him into getting involved with something bad, but Mitch is evasive enough with his answers and just generally acting kind of strange that you're not really sure if it's safe to trust him. Hopefully the subtitle of "Volume One" means there will be a follow-up story at some point that will explain more. While I'm not generally all that into reading zombie stuff, this one has me intrigued enough that I'd read a sequel to it to find out more about what's going on in this world and with the company that Mitch works for in particular. Zombie fans will like this one, but fans of the paranormal or of unusual sorts of erotica would probably like it as well.

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