Monday, October 15, 2012

Stacking the Deck by Xavier Edwards

A game of cards sounds like the perfect way to get things going for a night of fun for Yumi and Lucas — that is, until the green-eyed monster that’s been hovering over Yumi’s shoulder takes over.

Even after all the effort she’s gone to in order to ensure the decks are stacked and the night ends the way she wants it, it isn’t going her way and their fortunes hang in the turn of the cards.

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A hot little story about a woman that uses a card game to ease into a night of sex with her boyfriend, as well as to clear the air about some issues that had been hanging between them. As someone that doesn't play cards a lot, and isn't familiar with the games they were playing, the action was often somewhat confusing as the references to the tricks and whatnot didn't always make a lot of sense to me and made it hard to understand why she got upset when she did at the beginning when things weren't playing out how she wanted them to. Understanding the card game was hardly the point of this story, however, and the rest of it was mostly easy enough to follow. The way things started heating up as the night progressed and they were each wearing less and less clothing made for some nice extended foreplay. Despite the moments of confusion, the author's writing still pulled me into the story and had me warming up right along with his characters and made for a very enjoyable half hour of reading. I felt that the last little bit in it about a different card game on a different night wasn't really necessary, but it was short enough to not detract too much from the main part of the story (aside from again confusing me with explanation of the rather complicated rules they'd be playing under). Overall, a good 3 ½ star read that I'd recommend to anyone looking for a quick, hot short story.

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