Friday, October 5, 2012

Transforming Love by Debra Smith

Jenny never expected her thirst for freedom to lead to her capture. Family secrets prevent her from running from the only man tempting enough to make her submit to her body's desires.

Gryph is dark, sexy, and determined to win Jenny in the Slag, a contest revered by his kind. As the leader of his Clan he's used to getting his way, until her. Can he give Jenny her freedom while winning her heart?

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A quick read with a bit of heat and at least once beefy shifter dude. For the most part this book follows a common plotline of males having to compete to win the right to mate with a very eligible and desirable young female, but it does put in a few quirks of its own.

Jenifer has grown up fairly sheltered by her father, and has no idea of what she is or that she's special even among her kind. She isn't dissatisfied with her life, but like many 20 year olds, she want to see something of the world beyond her own little town and have a little taste of adventure before she settles down to life on her father's ranch. So she sets out for the coast, wanting to see the ocean, but her car breaks down stranding her out in the middle of nowhere and setting her up to begin an even wilder adventure than she'd anticipated. While understandably naive about a lot of things given her youth and relatively sheltered life, she is quite intelligent and courageous, not hesitating to stand up for herself against Gryph and the others despite how much they frighten or intimidate her. She's no mild miss to sit back and do as she's told and wait for her fate to be decided for her, but rather she's one to jump right into the fray and fight for what she wants.

Gryph initially comes off as being very gruff, and more than a little unfriendly, but he shows a softer side fairly quickly as well. Unfortunately we never get to learn all that much about him as a person aside from a sort of standard sensitive alpha-male persona. He decides almost immediately that Jenifer is his, regardless of what tradition or anyone else might think, including at first, Jenifer. We do learn that he's the head of his clan, or the heir to it at least (that part was a bit unclear to me), but we never really learn what all exactly that entails for him. There's the sense from what we do see of his personality that he's a firm but fair leader, but it would have been nice to see him interacting with his own people a bit more as well as just with Jenifer and his housekeeper.

Overall I enjoyed this book, though I did find it a bit disjointed as the action often skips right from one thing to another with very little transition or explanation. Not so badly that you can't understand what is going on, for there is enough basic explanation provided at all points to allow you to follow the story easily, but the relationships especially seem to develop with little reason behind them. For instance, while there is obviously immediate and intense chemistry between Jenifer and Gryph, they go from simply being in lust to being ready-to-die-for-you in love with one another seemingly overnight with very little buildup or getting-to-know-you involved. Yes, much of it can be explained via the concept of destined mates, which I'm sure is what is intended to be involved here for them, but I still would have liked to have seen a bit more progression to their relationship besides going straight from "you're hot and I want to do you" to "I love you so much and I'm willing to die for you".

In summary, I'd say this book is a nice way to kill a few hours, and it won't take you much longer than that to read it. It's quick, it's simple, and there's a few smoking hot sex scenes along the way to keep it interesting. Anyone into shifters will probably want to check this one out.

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