Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Predator's Rescue by Rosanna Leo

Tiger shifter Jani Fodor should have washed his hands of Fleur Bissette long ago. However, when she disappears from the shape shifter sanctuary on Gemini Island, he can’t forget her, and launches a fraught two-week search to find her. He thinks she’ll be grateful but the petulant she-wolf resents his intrusion in her life.

Jani recently liberated Fleur from a vicious cult of shape shifters, where she was brainwashed by the sadistic August Crane. The wolf shifter terrorized their friends at the Ursa Fishing Lodge and Resort on Gemini Island. Labeled a “bad girl” all her life, Fleur knows she’ll never fit in with the good guys at the Ursa, no matter how much Jani tries to convince her of their regard. Besides, she can’t stay with Jani. Although he’s the closest thing she’s ever had to a friend, their chemistry is explosive in the worst way.

When a new menace arises, in the form of a vicious drug dealer with a grudge, Jani is adamant Fleur accept his help to rehabilitate her addict mother and remove her from the influence of her dealer. Fleur accepts Jani’s assistance but as they work together, friendship erupts into passion. Neither can deny their lust-struck spirit animals and before long, they realize their connection runs deeper than they ever expected.

Despite the threats posed by the drug dealer, the worst danger of all dwells inside Fleur. Haunted by the spirit of August Crane, Fleur is inundated by visions that torment her. She is consumed by guilt and plagued by old hostilities. Can this bad girl make good? And is Jani’s love enough to save her from her demons?

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Leo has set the bar high for this series with her previous books, and she doesn't fail to live up to it in this one. Fleur and Jani's story has all of the suspense and high emotion that we've come to expect from the Gemini Island books, but also takes a step back from the dark intensity of the last few volumes. Dealing with at least some of the fallout left by August Crane's war on the Islanders, this book has a bit more relaxed feel to it in many ways while still maintaining some of the tension from before. The worst may be over for the residents of Gemini Island, but the storms haven't entirely passed and there are a few lesser tempests still to be weathered.

We met Fleur in the previous book where she started off as something of an antagonist, August Crane's concubine who had aspirations of becoming his mate. While she had changed sides and redeemed herself by the end of that book, she still was very much a secondary character who didn't really seem to have the spunk that the leading ladies of Gemini Island typically have. This book proves just how wrong first impressions can be as we are shown just how intelligent and resourceful she really is almost right away. It doesn't take her long from there to prove that not only is she far more than her upbringing and recent experiences and behavior indicate she is, but that she is every bit as deserving of respect as the other ladies are. Normally that is something that would go without saying, but I do believe it's fair to say that Fleur did have rather more need to prove herself than some of the others have.

We have met Jani in previous books, but hadn't really been told much about him aside from the fact he is one of Anton's right hand men as well as his cousin. He is a man of honor and principle, but he is also a bit rough around the edges, moreso than Anton is at least, and it isn't hard to believe that he'd be willing to go to do almost anything, no matter how dark or underhanded, if he felt the situation called for it. Protecting his mate definitely qualifies as such. While I'm sure there are lines he wouldn't cross regardless of the situation, I can't help feeling that his boundaries extend rather farther than the other inhabitants' do.

One thing I was impressed with while reading this story is how Leo manages to keep each couple's story unique and doesn't fall into having things play out in a formulaic manner the way many romance authors do. She keeps mixing it up between couples that resist their attraction and refuse to acknowledge the pull of the mate bond for an extended time to those that accept it for what it is right away and waste no time getting on with it. Like several of the couples, Jani and Fleur fall somewhere in between on the spectrum, initially resisting the notion but not stubbornly so, and they don't waste too much time being all angsty about it once the truth is smacking them in the face. Overall I felt this aspect was handled well, with enough resistance to the idea to be believable for the characters (neither is the sort to accept the idea of having a mate too readily I think) while not belaboring the point or letting it get in the way of the other issues they had to deal with.

It largely goes without saying I think that this is a must-read series for anyone who likes shifter romances, and even for those who aren't as into them generally speaking. While I do love paranormal romances, shifters have never really been my thing, yet I continue to enjoy these books every bit as much as some of the other paranormals I like better. We've been promised one more, final book in this series, and I for one can't wait. Do yourself a favor and check this series out, starting from the beginning, if you haven't already.


  1. Thank you, Michelle, for your lovely review of Predator's Rescue. I am thrilled you enjoyed it and that you'very been inspired to review the series. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you, Michelle, for your lovely review of Predator's Rescue. I am thrilled you enjoyed it and that you'very been inspired to review the series. Thanks for sharing!