Sunday, March 20, 2016

Pole Position by Sofia Grey

Her best friend or her lover. How can she choose?

Jon’s glamorous life as a racecar driver is poles apart from Anita’s job in a bookshop, and he’s drawn to her in a way he never imagined. After one unfaithful, soon-to-be-ex-wife, and a revolving door of models and actresses, Jon finds Anita’s innocence and vulnerability a breath of fresh air.

Anita’s abusive ex-boyfriend left her running scared of any kind of relationship. Picking up the pieces of her life is hard, but her best friend since childhood, Danny Webster, is only too willing to help. And then she meets Jon. He completes her in a way Danny never could.

She doesn’t expect the men to hate each other on sight. Losing Anita isn’t an option for Jon or Danny, but only one man can take pole position for her heart.

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Sofia Grey's novels rarely disappoint, and this one is no exception. Masterful at setting a mood, she quickly draws you into the various high emotions that surround Anita and Jon's romance, both their own and those of the people around them. This one is something of a two-in-one romance, for there is another couple that finds their HEA alongside Anita and Jon even though they are the main focus of the story. We are also introduced to another couple that rumor has it will be the main pair in an upcoming novel. These sideline stories do not detract in any way from the main story, but rather enhance it with the story of the secondary couple in particular helping to add to the angst that builds around Anita and Jon as their story progresses.

I liked this one for many of the same reasons I've liked other books I've read by the author. The characters are all very realistic, with real problems that often get in the way of what they want, or at least complicate them being able to attain the things they want. Jealousy is shown in all it's ugliness, and we're shown the depths to which some people will go when motivated by it, even those who are normally good-natured sorts who wouldn't think of betraying or hurting a friend in any way. There is also a very frank acknowledgement that even if you love someone, and they love you in return, it's not always enough to make things work between you. Relationships are about compromise, and sometimes you have to be willing to make sacrifices in the name of compromise or at least in order to have something you want even more than what you are giving up.

Fans of Ms. Grey's Talisman series will recognize Anita and Jon from their appearances there though it is not really a part of that series. I have included the series tag here because it is definitely related to that series via the two main characters here, but you absolutely do not need to have read those books to enjoy this one. None of the other characters from those books appear here (save perhaps for Anita's parents), and indeed this book takes place well before the events in that series. Still, if you enjoyed those books, you'll certainly enjoy this one and getting a bit more background on some of the side characters from the series. The reverse holds true as well I think, for if you enjoy this one, you'll surely enjoy the Talisman books as well (and I highly recommend them for their own sake).

All in all, I greatly enjoyed this book and would highly recommend it to anyone who likes contemporary romances, particularly those with a sports theme. A great many details about car racing are included, along with a fair number of details related to show horses and the competitions those who show them engage in as that is Anita's primary hobby and passion. If any of these things appeal to you, or if you just enjoy a romance with lots of emotional conflict, then give this one a try. You won't regret it.

I received a free review copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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