Saturday, February 25, 2012

Fantasy Fix by Christine Warren

Friends fix you up with blind dates. Real friends fix you up with your fantasies...

Regina just ended an awful relationship. The last thing she needs is her friends' help in finding a new one. When they pressure her into sharing her fantasies, she makes up one she thinks could never come true. After all, vampires don't even exist. Right?

Wrong. And Dmitri Vidame is the proof. He sees Regina's thoughts and knows her darkest fantasies. What Regina needs is someone who bring handcuffs as well as roses and who sees the possibilities offered by her sensual and giving nature.

With all the electricity sparking between them, and some sneaky mental eavesdropping, Dmitri knows she wants him, too. He just doesn't know if she'll feel the same once she finds out about his nocturnal habits and his liquid diet...

Note: This story has been expanded into the novel One Bite With A Stranger.

**Warning - this review contains spoilers**

I first read this one years ago, probably around the time it first came out in 2003, and it's always been one of my favorites. And this review relates to that original version, which I still have in PDF form.

The author creates a wonderful intensity of attraction and emotion between Regina and Dimitri that sizzles off the screen. The pacing of the story is good, with things between them progressing slowly but steadily, until suddenly on their third "date" he tells her what he is, and instead of freaking out like most women would she just...accepts it. And immediately wants him to turn her too. Because she's madly in love with him already and wants to celebrate their 500th anniversary together. After not having known him for even a week, and only having spent two nights with him then not hearing anything from him for days. Everything gets wrapped up incredibly quickly in the last chapter or two, detracting a bit from the work as a whole. Still, a wonderful book, and one I would highly recommend to anyone that's into paranormal romances that include a whole lot of sex.

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