Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Wildcatter's Woman by Janet Dailey

Four years after her divorce, Vanessa Cantrell owned an interior decorating firm, a European sports car and an apartment in the French Quarter of New Orleans. Even though she filled her home and her life with expensive things, she couldn't fill the void left by her ruggedly handsome ex-husband, Race.

When tragedy brought them together again, she found he was still the same irresponsible wildcatter she'd walked out on. But he hadn't lost his powerful sensual magnetism. She was being drawn to him ... but Vanessa knew she must never again become a wildcatter's woman.

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This book is pretty much par for the course for formula romances as far as the basic story goes, though Dailey does work in a few semi-surprises. The characters all have a definite personality of their own, and only the most minor characters, the ones that are only in one scene or so, are totally flat. As is often the case, the fairly rapid transition from not even being able to hold a civil conversation to getting along ok again to being desperately in love again somewhat defys all happens much too quickly to be totally believable that they (she in particular) could have changed their mindset so completely...and yet, the author does a good enough job of getting you involved with the characters that you can't help but be happy for them (even if some of the making up/declaring undying love again speeches send the sappy meter soaring just a bit too high). Overall, an enjoyable, mostly relaxing, light read for those that can enjoy formula romances.

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