Thursday, October 20, 2011

Savage Land by Janet Dailey

"Don't you want to tell me how much you love and adore me and how you can hardly wait to marry me?" Coley asked mockingly. "I was so looking forward to that part"

Even though her own heart was breaking, she could still derive pleasure watching the angry scowl on Jason's face.

How upsetting for him and his plans for the Slash S ranch that Coley wasn't falling into his arms as he had thought she would!

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While this book, and the others like it in Dailey's Americana series, is fairly dated in many ways now, it still was an enjoyable read. As a formula romance, it's full of largely stereotypical characters, but each has enough personality to not just feel like the author just picked up the "naive young woman type" and "bitter Marlboro man type" puppets and put them on her stage. Most of the situations and misunderstandings that happen in the book are pretty predictable, and even a little bit tired, but that's mostly to be expected from the genre I believe. One doesn't pick up an old Harlequin looking for mind-bending, edge-of-the-seat reading after all. So for those who enjoy a good mindless formula romance either as steady reading fare, or just for an occasional light read in between other things, this book won't disappoint I think.

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