Saturday, January 9, 2016

White Trash Zombie Apocalypse by Diana Rowland

Our favorite white trash zombie, Angel Crawford, has enough problems of her own, what with dealing with her alcoholic, deadbeat dad, issues with her not-quite boyfriend, the zombie mafia, industrial espionage and evil corporations. Oh, and it’s raining, and won’t let up.

But things get even crazier when a zombie movie starts filming in town, and Angel begins to suspect that it’s not just the plot of the movie that's rotten. Soon she's fighting her way through mud, blood, bullets and intrigue, even as zombies, both real and fake, prowl the streets.

Angel’s been through more than her share of crap, but this time she’s in way over her head. She’ll need plenty of brainpower to fit all the pieces—and body parts—together in order to save herself, her town, and quite possibly the human race.

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Those who have read the first two books of this series should pretty much know what to expect from this book and for the most part you won't be wrong. Angel is still her adorable self and she continues to ratchet the respect bar higher and higher in her continuing journey of self-discovery and ever-growing self-confidence and self-respect. Many of the stories from the first books are continued here and explored further, some from different and sometimes surprising angles. Again there are tropes at work here that I don't personally care for usually, but they didn't annoy me as much in this book as they did in the last one. Perhaps because there are enough surprises in store to keep things interesting.

Angel's journey of self discovery continues and follows a largely expected path. Her achievements, small though they might be at times, continue to pile up and she often surprises herself with what she is capable of. She also makes some discoveries that clue her in to the fact that some things she had always considered to just be her own shortcomings and failures might not have been her fault at all, or at least not entirely so. She also continues to evaluate her relationships with those around her, frequently asking herself if certain ones are worth maintaining or if she should cut herself loose from certain people. She's not afraid of having to work at making a relationship work, but she recognizes that she can't make them work on her own, and if the other person isn't willing to do their part as well then perhaps she's better off without them. Luckily for her, her ever-growing self-confidence generally works to inspire those around her to up their game as well.

For all that some aspects follow expected paths, much of this book does anything but. You'll want to have a scorecard handy to help keep track of what side different characters are on and whether or not they can be trusted. Even then, as often as not you'll still be left guessing for few of the newer characters (as well as a few of the old ones) are what they first seem to be. Even once most of the dust has settled and many secrets have been revealed you can't help but wonder if we're really being told the truth of things yet.

Those who enjoyed the first two books of the series will definitely want to continue the story with this one. The world keeps becoming a bigger and bigger place for Angel, and the way she responds to it is always inspiring. It will be interesting to see where her journey takes her next.

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