Monday, September 1, 2014

Driftwood Deeds by Laila Blake

When journalist Iris Ellis visits a sleepy seaside town to interview recluse screenwriter Paul Archer, he offers her insights into never acted upon fantasies of dominance and submission. Too curious to deny herself a taste of them, Iris gives herself up to Paul's gentle guidance, but when she realizes that a taste can never be enough, she must find the courage to ask for what she needs or risk losing it all.
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I picked this one up after reading another friend's review of it, so I knew what to expect from it, though I found as I was reading it that it wasn't really what I expected. I think I expected something more explicit, a little more hardcore on the BDSM, and while it does get quite explicit in places the overall tone is much more sensual than overly erotic. And the writing here is very sensual indeed with the author doing a superb job of conveying every detail of scenery and sensation from the smell of the sea as they walk along the beach to the more intimate skin-on-skin sensations as the two main characters come together.

Iris is relatively young, but while she may be inexperienced in some ways and ignorant in large part of the details of the BDSM lifestyle Paul lives, she can't really be considered naive, at least not entirely. Though she may only have a hazy idea regarding the details of what she's getting into when she agrees to an intimate afternoon and evening with Paul, she knows enough that she knows what she's agreeing to when she indicates her acceptance of his offer.  Furthermore, she's mature enough that despite her strong attraction to Paul she doesn't let herself indulge in fantasies of a happily ever after, but instead takes  it for what it is: the offer of a one night stand.

Paul is considerably older than Iris, though that doesn't seem to matter to either of them. He's had considerable experience with life, and with his chosen lifestyle, and had mostly come to terms with his somewhat unconventional desires. He's made peace with who he is Dominant and hasn't let it turn him hard and vicious as he notes it does some men. Instead, he retains a curious and endearing sort of vulnerability about him that manages to enhance his Dominant tendencies rather than take away from them. He takes great care to be as in tune with Iris and her needs as he can be and does his best to introduce her to the lifestyle gently yet firmly.

Watching these two come together is rather mesmerizing given the way the author manages to set the mood of an afternoon that seems somehow outside of time as we know it. The skillful way in which she focuses in so closely on single moments in time that a few minutes seem like hours and an afternoon seem as though it goes on for days helps to keep Iris and Paul's romance from seeming too rushed. For it's clear that there is indeed a true romance blossoming between them even if the story at hand only deals with a single day of pleasure between them. And therein lies my main complaint about this book: it was too short and I wanted more. More of the story, and more of these two characters that managed to thoroughly charm me within the first few pages of reading about them.

This is a book that deserves to be read straight through while devoting your full attention to it. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to do that, but the imagery is so vivid that even if you have to read in short bursts like I did you'll still get most of the full effect of it.  I've given it four stars mainly because I felt this really should have been developed further so we could spend more time with the characters and get to know them a bit better. Still, this is one I can definitely recommend to anyone that likes atmospheric stories with a good bit of spice in them. For those who are unsure about whether or not you like reading BDSM, this would be a good one to start with, for it's very light in tone and not terribly extreme with what happens in it. If you know for certain that reading about BDSM isn't for you, however, you'll probably want to stay clear for this will probably exceed your limits despite how relatively soft-core it is in that regard.

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  1. Awww thank you so much! I loved your thoughtful review :D. I have to admit, it took me a while to realize I had to do more with these two characters - that's why I turned it into a series. :) Thank you!