Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Craving by Sofia Grey

A deal with a demon, a biker psychic and the girl who might just be his salvation… if the demon doesn’t get to her first.

Dante isn’t your typical medium. With his leather jacket, tattoos and piercings, he looks more at home on his motorbike than he does holding a séance and Katherine has no intention of getting involved with him. He’s the complete opposite of the kind of man she wants and represents everything she’s tried to leave behind, but she needs a medium and he’s the best one around.

Dante’s never allowed himself to get close to anyone for fear of putting them in danger. His craving for Katherine is about to bring his worst nightmares to life.

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Like the first book in this series, this one immediately sucks you in, getting you caught up in the lives of the characters and in trying to puzzle out what's going on around them. You'll quickly find yourself lost in all the labyrinthine twists and turns, sure that the answers are just around the next corner as it were only to find that they're still nowhere in sight. But you won't care because the tapestry that's being woven is so fascinating that half the fun is watching to see which threads will be chosen and where they'll be laid in at.

Katherine initially appears to be the stereotypical college student with a rich daddy supporting her. This impression is quickly dispelled, however, when she invites Dante back to her godparents' home when she finds that he's preparing to sleep in the abandoned air control tower where they'd just held a séance. We quickly find out that she's really a very intelligent and down to earth sort of gal who's been having to make the best of life with a tyrannical father who's perhaps even more cold-blooded and heartless than Gabriel was in the first book, though we only really get a few glimpses of him here. As her relationship with Dante progresses, she shows that she has strength and determination to meet obstacles head on, and it's clear that she will very much be an active partner in whatever life they build for themselves.

We first met Dante in the first book, though we only got a brief look at him there when Josh encountered him holed up in a vacant house. He really gets to come into his own here, and we learn not only his history, but also that there is a lot more to him than just a brash, tattooed biker guy psychic. True, he's involved up to his eyeballs in a lot of shady dealings, but we're shown that he really is a truly upstanding guy at heart and that his reasons for doing the things he does are wholly commendable.

As I mentioned in the intro, this book quickly pulled me in and kept me fascinated the whole time I was reading. I love the intricate plots that Ms. Grey is weaving in this series, and I also love how almost nothing is predictable here. Romances, even romantic suspense books, so often fall back on predictable tropes and plotlines such that even though the characters and the exact situations differ you still know what's going to happen in the end and much of what will happen along the way. Not so with this book, for just when you're sure that something is going to happen or turn out a certain way, it doesn't, and things take a turn and go off in another direction entirely. It is this unpredictability, as well as the author's skill at continually dangling the answers you're so desperately looking for just out of reach that makes this such a page turner.

If I have once complaint about this, it's that I think the major conflict, along with one or two of the lesser conflicts were all resolved just a bit too quickly and easily in a rather deus ex machina manner. Though you won't really realize this fact right away since it's masked as a seeming narrow escape and it's not until later that you realize that really was it. While that makes the final resolutions a bit anticlimactic in feel, not everything is tied up with a neat bow and there are still some issues left unresolved at the end along with a last paragraph teaser that a whole new crisis is about to descend.

Overall I can highly recommend this book and series to anyone who likes paranormal romance as well as romantic suspense, or even just anyone who likes a good mystery and to watch complicated plots slowly unfurl. If you haven't read book one, you can understand this one on its own, but I'd highly recommend reading it first so you'll be able to really understand the references to previous events and people. While I think my true rating on this would be about 4.5-4.75 due to the complaint mentioned above, I had no qualms in rounding this one up to a full glowing five stars because of it's innovativeness. Do yourself a favor and read this series.

Note: I received a free ARC copy of this from the author in exchange for an honest review

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