Sunday, May 26, 2013

One Knight's Bargain by Alexandra O'Hurley

Sybille de Campion has been raising her three youngest brothers after her family abandons them for Paris. She has her hands full with trying to hold the floundering castle together with only two doddering knights and a rheumy cook to aid her. When a knight with a violent reputation rides to the gates with his men, claiming to have bought the castle and all its contents, she fears for their very lives.

Sir Eustache of Rouen has spent the last three years trying to raise the funds to buy Sybille’s hand, only to stumble across her penniless father on his return to Paris. He buys the castle and all its contents, including the beautiful Sybille, the woman he’s longed for. But she knows of his bastardly reputation and he soon realizes he must show her his softer side if he’s to win her heart. Hopefully, he can find it.

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A fairly short tale that is decently well written, though a bit lacking in substance perhaps. The characters are developed fairly well though, such that you actually care about them before long, the heroine a bit more than the hero since most of it is told from her POV. I had expected something more erotic, and though there is heat between them, there is only on actual sex scene, and while it is nice, it's not totally scorching hot. Still, for the price (free), you can't really go wrong with this little story, provided you like historical romance set in medieval times.

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