Saturday, February 2, 2013

Come to Me by Sofia Grey

Summer Meadows is a gifted psychic, and used to seeing ghosts, but sexy cowboy Jack McKane is unlike any spirit she has ever encountered.

 He doesn't know he's dead.

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A great little short story that keeps you a bit off balance, wondering just what is really going on. Summer is a great character and it's easy to relate to her and her longing and confusing regarding Jack, though some might wonder at the fact that she can accept a ghost as a lover so readily. She's obviously used to dealing with spirits, however, so it's not that far of a stretch to think she'd be ok with having one in her bed as well. As for Jack, well, what's not to like about a gorgeous, loving, attentive, and endowed lover? I'd think that such would be many women's fantasy whether it's with a ghost or a real person. The action between them is hot, and the ending will probably leave you going "awwww!". 4½ stars to a wonderful story.

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