Sunday, January 20, 2013

Highlander Reborn by Laura Hunsaker

Highlander Reborn begins in Scotland, many centuries ago, where a blacksmith fights for his life and his people. His life is forever changed when Amalia, one of the Nightkind, makes the choice to save his life. But first, he has to die...


After Nevin MacLachlan’s wife was killed by a vampire, he made it his mission to hunt them all down. But one late Highland night, in a battle he couldn’t win, one of the Nightkind ripped open his throat. With his blood draining onto the grass, the last thing Nevin sees isn’t a white light; it’s the dark of night closing in on him.

Amalia has been enamored with the blacksmith ever since he first held a stake to her heart. Watching him die was unacceptable. Will he ever forgive her for turning him into what he hates most?

Nevin has lived his life alone for a reason. When Amalia walks back into his life seven centuries later asking for help, he wants nothing more but to turn his back to her. But something about her still calls to him.

Some of the Nightkind in Amalia’s seethe have been killed. It’s up to her to find Nevin and ask for his help. But how can she show Nevin that she isn’t the monster he thinks she is?

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A somewhat interesting story concept that unfortunately doesn't really live up to its potential. Nevin and Amalia are both interesting characters, and yet their characterization is rather flat, and the narration more than a bit awkward at times. It was easy enough to feel the connection between them, but there wasn't a lot of flow to how they related to one another. He's supposedly spent 700 years presumably hating her for changing him, and he's certainly none too welcoming toward her when she shows up in his life again, and he continues being rather standoffish toward her - despite the fact that they have wild sex a few times. Then something happens and suddenly he's declaring his love for her, and saying he's really been lusting for her all this time. And that is only one of the rather abrupt changes that take place, some with no explanation of why, that makes the story a bit hard to follow and makes it a bit hard to accept all that happens. With more polish and a bit more time and word count given to it, this could have been a really good story, but as it is, it falls short.

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