Thursday, August 16, 2012

Alexandra's Legacy by N.J. Walters

The truth will set her free...or get her killed.

Alexandra Riley's day starts out like any other in her normal, predictable world. Then a tall, dark stranger bursts into her father's garage and shatters the illusion. In one shocking moment, she discovers why she's been feeling hot, restless--she's the half-breed daughter of a legendary werewolf and is a much-sought-after prize.

Joshua Striker, enforcer in charge of protecting the alphas of the Wolf Creek pack, has come to take Alex home. Nothing more, nothing less. From the first moment he sees her, she becomes the one thing he can't afford--a distraction from his duty. A weakness he doesn't want--but can't resist needing.

If only keeping her safe was as simple as fending off males on the hunt for a mate. Through city streets to the mountains of North Carolina, Alex and Joshua have to evade those who don't want their pure bloodlines tainted with human DNA, as well as bounty hunters who think the only good werewolf is a dead one.

What Joshua and Alex can't outrun is the passion that flares between them--or the choice Alex must eventually face. Whether to claim her inner wolf, or forfeit her chance to claim Joshua as her own.

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For the most part, this book is just what you'd expect from a sexy werewolf coming-of-age, claim your mate, run from the bad guys, and face down or kill anyone who stands in your way type of story. Still, though the majority of the plot is fairly predictable, and new hurdles to be overcome show up just about when you'd expect them too, still the author manages to throw in a few surprises along the way. The problems aren't always what they expect they'll be, and some thing that they expect to be problems turn out not to be.

Alexandra is a strong character. Young, but confident in her abilities, and with a steel backbone and a wealth of inner strength and pride that makes her refuse to show weakness or complain even when the life she's know crumbles around her in the space of minutes. She's quick to join the fray, usually insisting on her right to participate in it, and refuses to just sit back and be protected unless her own logic tells her it's the best thing to do at the time. She pushes herself to her limits and beyond when she knows that stopping isn't an option, and doesn't let herself finally collapse until there's at least a reasonable amount of safety to do so. And when all is said and done, she's the one doing the claiming as much as she is the one being claimed.

Joshua may not be the actual alpha of the pack, but he's the next thing to it, and would certainly qualify for the position if he had to. Ruled by his honor and unyielding sense of duty, he is truly willing to die to protect Alex and his pack from any who would threaten them. Though he recognizes Alex to be his mate, he refuses to let himself claim her, or even think of claiming her until they're back at the pack and she has a chance to meet the others and truly make her own choice. His fairness and self-restraint where Alex is concerned are truly laudable, though a bit overdone since she makes it clear on more than one occasion that she's more than willing to accept him.

For those looking for a shifter romance or simply a paranormal romance with action, suspense, and some steamy sex thrown in, this book certainly won't disappoint. A solid 4 star rating, held back from a 5 mainly because I found it just a little too predictable and somewhat cliche in some ways. Still, worth reading, and one I'd recommend to those fond of shifters.

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