Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Blood Oath by Kit Tunstall

Anca has believed her father was dead her entire life. When Demi appears to bring her to visit her dying father, at first she doesn't believe him. Once she's convinced her father still lives, she agrees to meet him. It's only when she arrives in Corsova that she realizes what's expected of her and what she is, what most of the people of Corsova are... vampires.

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Starting with the potentially interesting, if somewhat tired, premise of an heir to a throne that's been hidden away since birth to protect him/her from those who would seek to eliminate the threat to their own position, this book has a moderate success with the theme. For the first half, everything's going along fine, with a decent sort of pacing as Anca learns more and more about what she's been drug into, and the first big attack on her comes about the time you'd expect it to, and has pretty much the expected outcome. Anca of course resists her destiny at first, once she's told what it is, but also (of course) eventually comes around to accept it. I thought the acceptance came a bit too quickly and suddenly, but such was really only to be expected given the relatively shortness of the book. There are other conflicts thrown in, but they too are mostly overcome pretty easily such that whatever tension or suspense is generated at times is fairly short-lived. The villainess is eliminated (or is she?!) fairly easily really, and they all live happily ever after (maybe, maybe not...). There's just enough uncertainty about certain things at the end of the book to keep it from feeling like it was all tied up nice and pretty with a bow, and no doubt some things are going to come back to haunt (or maybe just annoy) them again in the future books of the series. All in all, a decent read, though not really one to write home about.

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