Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Everlasting Kiss by Amanda Ashley

Daisy O'Donnell doesn't get the attraction some women feel for vampires. She likes her men with a heartbeat. And she's just met one who's full of life: Erik Delacourt, the unreasonably sexy man she keeps meeting at a popular L.A. nightclub called the Crypt. She barely knows him, but there's no resisting the connection she feels. . .

There's one important detail Erik hasn't gotten around to telling her yet. He's a powerful vampire out to hunt the Blood Thief who is draining young vampires all over the city--and who has just raised the stakes by destroying one of Erik's friends. To Erik, Daisy is a bright spot of innocence in a world of darkness and menace. He'll do anything--even lie to her--to keep her safe and pure.

If only he knew that Daisy has something of her own to hide. . .

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This book did a great job of catching my attention early on and keeping me interested and turning the pages to see what would happen next. There's rarely any lull in the action, and the story progresses steadily throughout, with a pacing that seems fairly natural and right for the most part. From the moment Daisy and Erik meet, there is undeniable chemistry between them, chemistry that they both recognize, but they approach it in a very realistic manner I think, for they aren't immediately all over one another and heading straight to the nearest bed or other convenient location to have sex, but rather the intense chemistry actually causes them, or Daisy at least, to be even more cautious about getting carried away and giving in too easily than she might otherwise have been.

Daisy seems at first to be a very independent and courageous woman, pursuing a very dangerous career as a Blood Thief - a person who sneaks into vampires' lairs while they sleep and siphons off a pint or two of blood to sell on the internet by the vial. She approaches her job with confidence, but also with a distinct sense of naivete as she doesn't seem to truly grasp just how dangerous what she's doing is, or how easily things could go very wrong for her. Until of course, something does go wrong one day, and she has a close call that leaves her very shaken and beginning to question if maybe she should explore other career opportunities.

Erik is a very compelling figure, a very old vampire with incredible power, but also a very realistic character. He is intensely attracted to Daisy, but he bides his time while getting to know her at first, keeping things fairly casual between them and not trying to push her into anything she isn't ready for yet. At least until events throw them together, almost literally, and he's left with little choice but to escalate things between them a bit. Still, he never really tries to force a romantic relationship on her, letting her take the lead most of the time and letting her be the one to decide when they take things to the next level.

While I probably wouldn't class this book as one of the best I've read, or even among my favorites, still I found it to be a very enjoyable read. I did have some issues with how some situations with her family were handled, and that's main reason this doesn't get 5 stars from me. Actually I considered giving it only 3 stars, but the rest was good enough to warrant 4 I think. Though barely 4. Anyone that's into vampire romances, or just paranormal romances in general, will enjoy reading this I think.

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