Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Touch of Dead by Charlaine Harris

Now, for the first time, here is every Sookie Stackhouse short story ever written—together in one volume.

Stories include “Fairy Dust,” “One Word Answer,” “Dracula Night,” “Lucky,” and “Giftwrap.”

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Interesting anthology. Most of the stories are mainly fluff - lighthearted "asides" from Sookie's main story in the books - but are enjoyable nonetheless. "One Word Answer", the third story, which tells the story of how Sookie finds out that her Cousin Hadley has died and left her estate to her, does actually provide some useful background for the book that follows it chronologically that tells about Sookie's trip to New Orleans to clean out Hadley's apartment. Overall, I'd recommend this to anyone who enjoys reading about Sookie Stackhouse and her supernatural friends.

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